Info To Know About Dentures

Info To Know About Dentures

A denture is a dental appliance that is a good replacement if you have lost your real teeth. Dentures are able to be removed when needed and are made to closely resemble the look of your real teeth. 

Dentures can be broken down into two categories: complete dentures and partial dentures.Dentures North Royalton Ohio

Complete dentures are employed by Dr. Florian when all of your teeth are missing. Complete dentures will closely resemble the look and feel of your real teeth. Complete dentures will give you your healthy and happy smile back. Complete dentures are then broken down into two different categories: conventional and immediate. A conventional denture is manufactured and ready for use after your teeth have been removed and gums have had the chance to heal. This process typically takes approximately four to six weeks. An immediate denture is manufactured before your appointment and placed immediately. After your gums heal, your immediate denture will usually need to be altered. 

Partial dentures, or a bridge, are utilized by Dr. Florian when some of your real teeth are still remaining and healthy. A partial denture is used for a couple of reasons. First, a partial denture will fill the spaces created by missing teeth making your smile look complete. Secondly, by filling the gaps in between your real teeth, they will be kept from shifting and changing position in your mouth.

Dentures are strong appliance and can last for a long period of time if properly maintained. However, like almost all restorations and dental appliances, dentures may need to be redone, adjusted, or repaired due to normal wear and tear.

There are many reasons why someone should consider dentures which include:

- Complete loss of all teeth within your mouth.
- Loss of multiple teeth within your mouth that create gaps.
- To strengthen your facial tissues and give you an attractive, healthy smile.
- To make chewing and talking easier. 

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