Do I Still Need to Floss if I Use a Waterpik?

Using a water flosser can be an excellent addition to your dental hygiene routine. But many people wonder if you use a water flosser, is traditional floss still necessary?

Below, Dr. Florian answers this common question and explains how to properly incorporate water flossers into your dental hygiene routine.

Yes. Keep in mind that water flossers are only an adjunct to brushing and flossing. If you only use water flossers and don’t floss you can still get cavities in between your teeth. You need to break the contact between your teeth with floss. I recommend hand flossing first to get the food debris out, then brushing to remove stain and plaque and then water flossing to finish the clean. Substitute Listerine for water to kill bacteria and your smile will love you for it!

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