Are You Thirsty for Explanations Regarding Your Dry Mouth - Part 2

At Royalton Dental Associates in North Royalton, OH, we know that your dental health and wellness is important to your general health. Conditions such as dry mouth could be the result of other, more significant, health matters. It is important to recognize what creates this condition so it can be cared for suitably.

What are things that lead to dry mouth?

Dry mouth is the outcome of reduced or poor salivary flow, but what causes this to occur? The usual suspects for poor salivary flow are anemia, damage to nerves, medicines, diabetes, chemotherapy, dehydration, smoking cigarettes, caffeine consumption and additional numerous conditions and health disorders.

Any of the aforementioned might result in dry mouth, however, the use of medication is number one. Listed below is a list of medicines that can bring about the complication:

- Antidepressants
- Pain relievers
- Diuretics
- Blood Pressure medications
- Allergy meds (antihistamines-allergies might be tough to get away from in North Royalton)
- Decongestants


Part 3 of our Dry Mouth series will be out soon on our blog, please stay tuned!

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