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We know how important brushing is to our teeth, but do you know why flossing is important to the health of our mouth?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that think brushing is enough to keep our mouth healthy from bacteria and plaque, but this is not the case. In order to clean your mouth properly, brushing and flossing both need to be utilized.

Bacteria can easily get in between your teeth and around your gums. If this bacteria remains in your mouth, the chances of cavities and gum disease increase. Flossing reaches areas of your teeth that your toothbrush can not. In order to properly clean your mouth, flossing needs to be part of your dental health routine. If you would like to make sure you are flossing your teeth correctly, click here.

At-home hygiene is important, but scheduling regular trips to the dentist is also an important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Florian in North Royalton, OH.

Many people have started using water flossers to help keep their teeth clean, but is traditional floss still necessary if you use a water flosser?

Yes. Keep in mind that water flossers are only an adjunct to brushing and flossing. If you only use water flossers and don’t floss you can still get cavities in between your teeth. You need to break the contact between your teeth with floss. Dr. Florian recommends hand flossing first to get the food debris out, then brushing to remove stain and plaque and then water flossing to finish the clean. Substitute Listerine for water to kill bacteria and your smile will love you for it!

Besides properly brushing and flossing your teeth, visiting the dentist on a regular basis is important for keeping your smile healthy. If you're due for a cleaning or have any questions about the health of your teeth, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Florian today.