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There have been many discussions about the safety of amalgams, the silver-colored fillings. The discussions have been raised pertaining to whether these fillings are the cause of various diseases such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Amalgams contain the toxic substance mercury but the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have found no link between these diseases and amalgams. In addition, there is no evidence that if a person who is suffering from any of these diseases has the fillings removed that they are cured.  

Studies have shown that when the mercury in the amalgam is mixed with tin, zinc, silver and copper that it becomes a more stabilized alloy. There has also been the concern that there is a small amount of vapor that may be released from the fillings and may affect a person’s health but the ADA has found that there is also no evidence to back this up. Dentists have been using amalgams for well over 100 years to fill and preserve hundreds of millions of decayed teeth.

There is the slight risk of a person having an allergic reaction to the amalgam.This normally happens when the patient has a family history of allergies to metal. The allergic reaction is like a typical skin allergy, itching and rashes. There have been fewer then 100 cases reported, according to the ADA. If you think that you may have a predisposition to this type of allergy you can bring up that concern with Dr. Florian in his North Royalton, OH dental office and another restorative material can be used.

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There are many teeth whitening products available for a consumer to use. How do you know what is best to use? With toothpaste, gels, strips, and more available Dr. Florian wants you to use the product that works best. The commercial product available will not do much for whitenign your teeth due to a lack of hydrogen peroxide. These products can whiten your teeth by one shade. In comparison products that Dr. Florian uses in his office will lighten your teeth by three to eight shades.

The reason for the difference in whitening power is due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide. Products you can buy in stores has a total lack of hydrogen peroxide. This means that these products can remove surface stains but do not do anything for removing stains from deep within your teeth. Products recommended by Dr. Florian do contain hydrogen peroxide and will remove both surface stains and stains deep within your teeth.

Another option for teeth whitening products are over-the-counter and professional products that do contain hydrogen peroxide. However, none of your at home products will give results like the system Dr. Florian uses. The reason for this is that these products do not have as much hydrogen peroxide as the system that Dr. Florian uses. The increase of hydrogen peroxide is what makes the difference.

Along with the benefit of whiter teeth through a dental office, use of over-the-counter products do not provide you with the close supervision you would receive from Dr. Florian.  He can help you determine what whitening process might be best for you, check on the progress of the teeth whitening, and look for signs of gum irritation.

Visit the ADA to get more information on teeth whitening and teeth whitening products.

The history of dentistry is one full of interesting and fun stories. The first dentist, then known as 'doctor of the tooth', was Hesy-Re. He was an Egyptian who lived in approximately 2600 BC. 'Braces' were first recorded by Aristotle who wrote about a method of straightening teeth. Additionally, Pierre Fauchard, the father of modern dentistry, was the orignator of applying tooth restorations in the year 1728.

The following is a list of additional fun facts from the world of dentistry:

- Queen Elizabeth I was known for having extremely discolored teeth. This is not the interesting part, the interesting part is why she had discolored teeth. Legend has is that she thought dental worms lived in your teeth and caused sharp pain. In order to counteract these "worms"she consumed sugar en masse. Unforutnately, as you may know, sugar in excess will discolor your teeth.

- In China during the Tang Dynasty, the first bristle toothbruch was born. It was made from stiff hogs hair! Yuck.

- The Ancient Mayan Civilization was one of the first civilizations to create dental implants. The Mayans used sea shells in order to replace teeth.

- From the 5th to the 15th century your dentistry needs would have been performed by your barber. This is why barber poles are often white and red. In the past this was to represent that the barber would perform both haircuts and dental work.  

These are some of our favorite historical facts from the world of dentistry!