Junk Food and Bad Oral Health

Oral health and overall health are linked in several ways that many people do not realize. At the office of Royalton Dental Associates, it’s very important to us that we help our patients in Cuyahoga County live healthy lives.

Although junk food can be a treat every so often, these foods can lead to severe oral health problems that in turn can effect the rest of your body.

When consumed in moderation junk food is a nice treat. However, when consumed too often junk food can lead to sever oral and overall health problems.

One major problem that junk food can lead to is gum disease. Gum disease will weaken your bone structure and lead to a systematic inflammatory response that can lead to an increased risk of suffering from heart disease and other conditions. 

Another popular diet choice that may have negative effects on your oral health are soft drinks. Sodas are loaded with sugars making them high in calories and low in nutritiona value. Additionally, sodas, other drinks, hard candies, gummies, and mroe may contain high  fructose corn syrup which is unhealthy for your dental and overall health.

The last choice Dr. Florain advises you to limit your intake of is diet sodas. While lower in sugar levels they still contain high amounts of acid which will break down your enamel. The less enamel you have the more subject you become to cavities, tooth sensitivty, gum disease, and more. 

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