Is There a Connection between Arthritis and Gum Disease?

At Royalton Dental Associates, my team and I (Dr. Florian) put tremendous pride in providing our patients with top-notch dental service. One disease that many people struggle with is gum disease. Gum disease can have many adverse affects on the the health of our teeth and mouth. If you are struggling with gum disease, it is important to receive treatment to restore the health of your gums, mouth, and teeth. In the medical world, there is always research being conducted that provides us with information that may be useful in maintaining our health, and that is what happened recently at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).

Recently, the aforementioned study at CWRU found a possible connection between rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and gum disease. The study at CWRU was conducted with 40 participants. In this study, 20 people who suffer from RA received deep cleanings and 20 people who suffer from RA did not receive deep cleanings. In a short time—just six weeks—patients who received deep cleanings were experiencing less pain, swelling, and joint pain in comparison to those who did not receive deep cleanings. Why is this? It is believed that the bacteria in your mouth (the bacteria removed during a deep cleaning) can cause inflammation and the advancement of RA. If you suffer from RA, and are struggling to find relief, or want additional relief, you may want to consider receiving a deep cleaning.

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