Is It Necessary to Get My Wisdom Teeth Out?

We are guessing that just about everyone has heard of “wisdom teeth” before; you know, those molars that develop in your late teens or early twenties, and usually cause you some problems? Most of the time, wisdom teeth don’t grow in properly and can’t find their way into your mouth in the correct manner.

Wisdom Teeth

In the past, dentists used to be in conflict about your wisdom teeth, and if they should be left in, or taken out. It was actually believed that, even if they grew in sideways, they would still make a great anchor, should you ever need your second molar replaced. However, this is simply not true; your wisdom teeth would, in fact, make terrible anchors for false teeth.


What problems do wisdom teeth have?


For starters, even when they grow in properly, your wisdom teeth tend to be extremely difficult to clean. It is not uncommon for wisdom teeth to develop cavities and other problems. And this is not the fault of the patient, wisdom teeth are just very tricky to clean. Here are some pointers from Listerine on how to clean your wisdom teeth. 


Secondly, wisdom teeth rarely ever grow in properly. This is because the patient usually does not have room in their mouth for the wisdom teeth to grow. If your wisdom teeth become impacted, they can cause cysts, weaken your jaw bone, and even cause damage to your other adjacent teeth.


Ultimately, due to the problems wisdom teeth can cause, and the limited benefits that they offer, there are not many reasons to keep your wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth are already in, and you are able to keep them clean and healthy, this can be an exception, of course. However, the risks of keeping your wisdom teeth are far greater than any benefits that they can offer. Additionally, due to the nature of wisdom tooth surgery, the younger a patient is when the procedure occurs, the better. If you let your wisdom teeth develop too far, and the root completely forms, the surgery and healing become much more difficult.


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