Oral Health Tip: Your Diet May Have an Impact on Your Health

Having a happy and healthy smile is not as easy as brushing your teeth and going to the dentist. We all know there are other things you need to do, like using mouthwash and flossing, but there are also certain foods you should try to avoid. Certain foods can promote cavities, wear your enamel away, and wreak havoc in your mouth!

Below, Dr. Florian in North Royalton, OH lists several foods you should try to avoid in order to maintain as healthy a mouth as possible. If you cannot avoid these foods completely, try to brush, floss, and use mouthwash ASAP after consuming.


Candies:Cavities North Royalton Ohio


There are many different candies that are not good for the health and wellness of your mouth.


Hard candies are typically full of sugars and syrups. Sugars and syrups can contribute to tooth decay and can wear the enamel of your teeth down. Additionally, many people bite into hard candies which can cause your tooth to fracture or crack, resulting in a dental emergency.


Chewy/sticky candies like jelly beans, Skittles, gummy bears, taffy, and more, get stuck in your teeth while you eat them. Due to this, these candies stick to your teeth for a longer period of time and are more able to promote cavities and other mouth diseases.


Snack Foods:


Foods like pretzels and potato chips contain a lot of starch. Starch has a habit of getting stuck throughout your teeth and causing cavities, gum disease, and other mouth diseases.


Fruits are extremely healthy for you. However, some fruits are extremely high in acid, which can wear your enamel away and lead to an increase in cavities.


Beverages:Gum Disease North Royalton


Many beverages contain a lot of sugar, acid, caffeine, or alcohol, which can all harm your teeth and mouth.


Alcoholic beverages can cause dehydration due to the alcohol content. When you suffer from dehydration, it leads to dry mouth. Dry mouth is a problem, because saliva is your mouth’s best defense against cavities and gum disease. This same problem exists with caffeinated beverages like coffee. Unfortunately, coffee can be even worse for your mouth’s health, due to the sugar that you add. Dehydration caused by caffeine, in addition to the sugar that your coffee contains, can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and more.


Drinks that contain a lot of sugar can be harmful to the health of your mouth. These types of drinks include soda and sports drinks. Soda is especially bad for the health of your mouth due to the acid that it contains. When you consume beverages that contain a lot of sugar, the plaque and bacteria on your teeth use the sugar to assault your tooth enamel.


If you are consuming a beverage and it contains ice, make sure to not eat the ice. Due to the extreme cold and how hard ice is, you may suffer a dental emergency from chewing on ice.    


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