Boost Your Oral Health With These Foods

My patients are often requesting new methods so as to improve their oral health. A good idea to preserve a bright and healthy smile is by making optimal total physical health your top priority. Being mindful of the ways we regard our body is key to remaining healthier inside and out.

Streptococcus Mutans is the name of a common oral bacteria that can cause your mouth to be susceptible to tooth decay and tooth discoloration. The reason this bacteria is so harmful is that it results in the accumulation of plaque and elevates your overall bacteria levels. If you want to maintain proper oral health there are some foods you can try that will help you do so.

The first food that can help you are carrots. Carrots appeal to adults and also children, this crunchy snack will help you secrete more saliva and remove plaque within your mouth. Additionally, carrots have plenty of Vitamin A which will improve your eyesight. Carrots will help remove plaque and keep your teeth whiter, improve your vision, and help you see your beautiful smile in the mirror!

Celery, though fairly flavorless, is significantly modest in calories and can be dipped in peanut butter or ranch dressing in order to get additional flavor. Celery calls for a lot of chewing, which serves to help to boost saliva in your mouth, which in turn assists in washing away plaque. The fibrous strands in celery furthermore help to naturally scrub your teeth.

Pineapples are truly a delicious treat that have plenty of nutrients. The acidic characteristic of pineapples can sometimes help to expunge discolorations from your teeth. Pineapples are additionally abundant in bromelain, a protein-breaking molecule that can also win in keeping your teeth spotless.

For additional snacks which will strengthen your oral health, check back with us later on this month!

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