Boost Your Oral Health With These Foods - Part 2

As we continue from our blog post two weeks ago, we will look at four more foods that will improve your health.

If at all possible, you should avoid food that combine high sugars, acid and stickiness. Anytime you take in food that is high in sugar and acid, you're not only feeding yourself, but also the cavity-inducing plaque that can inflict chaos inside your mouth. The resulting acids from the mix of sugars and plaque may attack your teeth for as many as 20 minutes after you are done eating!

Cheese is low in both acid and sugar, and a good supplier of calcium. This makes it a good choice. Additionally, cheese incorporates a protein called casein, which is found in milk and is notably useful in reinforcing the enamel of teeth.

Chewing gum that is sugar-free like Trident, Xylichew, and more contain xylitol. Xylitol is a special kind of sweetner that blocks bacteria in plaque, it is actually an "anti-sugar". Normal sweetners like sucrose can lead to cavities, gum disease, and more whereas xylitol prevents these.

Tap water, generally, contains optimal amounts of fluoride that helps to prevent cavities. The explanation for this is straightforward; fluoride helps to remineralize teeth, reversing the negative consequences of acid, which works away enamel. Almost all bottled water lack enough active fluoride to have any positive aspect.

Pears are another food that is good for your oral health. Pears help you secrete more saliva and neutralize acids.

Similar to cheese, yogurt is high in the calcium, casein, and have phosphates which helps to remineralize teeth like fluoride. 

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