Are You Thirsty for Explanations Regarding Your Dry Mouth - Part 3

In our last two blog posts we have explored what Dry Mouth is and how it can impact you and your dental health. In our next two blog posts 

we will discuss ways to prevent dry mouth as well as alleviate dry mouth.

Tips to prevent Dry Mouth:

- Consume the daily recommended amount of water
- Brush and floss on a regular basis
- Consumption of sugarless chewing gum
- Make use of a humidifier at night
- Keep your lips hydrated
- Use a saliva replacement
- Visit Dr. Florian’s office routinely

As brought up in our previous post, many times the hidden reason for dry mouth isn't actually an illness or other condition which may be altered, but is instead caused by prescription medication. In our final blog for this collection, our staff will examine a couple other methods to achieve comfort. Make sure to check back, and follow Royalton Dental on Facebook and Twitter.