A Short History of Dentistry

The history of dentistry is one full of interesting and fun stories. The first dentist, then known as 'doctor of the tooth', was Hesy-Re. He was an Egyptian who lived in approximately 2600 BC. 'Braces' were first recorded by Aristotle who wrote about a method of straightening teeth. Additionally, Pierre Fauchard, the father of modern dentistry, was the orignator of applying tooth restorations in the year 1728.

The following is a list of additional fun facts from the world of dentistry:

- Queen Elizabeth I was known for having extremely discolored teeth. This is not the interesting part, the interesting part is why she had discolored teeth. Legend has is that she thought dental worms lived in your teeth and caused sharp pain. In order to counteract these "worms"she consumed sugar en masse. Unforutnately, as you may know, sugar in excess will discolor your teeth.

- In China during the Tang Dynasty, the first bristle toothbruch was born. It was made from stiff hogs hair! Yuck.

- The Ancient Mayan Civilization was one of the first civilizations to create dental implants. The Mayans used sea shells in order to replace teeth.

- From the 5th to the 15th century your dentistry needs would have been performed by your barber. This is why barber poles are often white and red. In the past this was to represent that the barber would perform both haircuts and dental work.  

These are some of our favorite historical facts from the world of dentistry!