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The day your child is born, you have the privilege of becoming a parent. While enjoyable, being a parent presents many challenges and teaching opportunities for you: Changing diapers, teaching your kids to tie their shoes, and teaching them the ABCs, just to name a few. One day, you will even teach your kids how to drive and be independent. While all these are important, make sure you don’t forget to teach your children good oral health habits. As a dentist that treats many children, Dr. Florian knows how important proper brushing habits are for the longterm dental and overall health of your children. Some other tips  can be found here

One of the hardest parts of teaching good oral health habits to your children, is getting them to brush twice per day. Because of this, Dr. Florian wants to pass along some valuable information that may make this task a little bit easier. Below, Dr. Florian outlines 5 tips to get your children to brush more often, and for longer periods of time:

1) Let your child choose their toothpaste.

Think about it: children rarely have the opportunity to make a decision for themselves. Chances are, your child will relish in this opportunity and take ownership of it. Due to this, they will be more likely to want to use the product they chose. You should watch your child brush their teeth to make sure that they are using the correct amount of toothpaste (they do not need to use as much as adults).

2) Allow your children to brush with their blanket or stuffed animals.

Naturally, children form a special bond with their blanket or stuffed animals. These objects offer a sense of comfort and security for your children. Your children take these things with them in the car, to grandma and grandpa’s house, and sleep with them almost every night. Letting your children bring them along to brush will help them be more comfortable, and will also spark their imagination and make brushing a little less boring.  

3) Designate a catchy tune for brushing time.

Does your child have a song that they love? If you designate this song for brushing time, your child will look forward to brushing their teeth. Additionally, they will brush their teeth for a longer period of time so they can listen to the song longer. This is effective in getting them to brush more often and for longer periods of time.

4) Create a schedule.

If you set up a schedule for your child to follow, brushing can become a part of their routine. A habit takes roughly 3 weeks to form. If your child sticks to their routine for 3 weeks, it will become a habit for them to brush twice per day.   

5) Try an electric toothbrush.

Often, brushing can be boring for children. Allowing them to use an electric toothbrush will make the experience a little more fun, as the electric toothbrush will fascinate them. Additionally, an electric toothbrush will help to make up for poor brushing technique. 

Please note that you should always supervise your children when brushing. After they are done, we recommend brushing the spots your children may have missed like their tongue, back molars, and top of their mouth. 

Dr. Florian wants your children to have exceptional dental health. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If you live in the North Royalton, Ohio area, and your child needs to start seeing a dentist, or you are looking for a good dentist for your child to see, feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Florian. We are always accepting new patients.

Diabetes affects 30 million Americans each year. These people experience many complications that stem from their diabetes. Lots of them are commonly known, while others are not as frequently discussed.Diabetes North Royalton

One complication that is not as commonly discussed is the increased chance to develop gum disease. However, gum disease should be discusses in the same breath as heart conditions, stroke, and kidney disease when talking about the side effects of diabetes. The interesting part about gum disease and diabetes is that they work to develop one another. The reason for this, is that if your gum disease becomes serious enough, it can affect how your body controls your blood glucose levels. 

Below is a list of reasons why people with diabetes are more likely to develop gum disease:

- Diabetes lowers your ability to fight off disease and illness.
- Diabetes restricts your blood flow to areas of your body, including your gums.
- Diabetes raises the amount of sugar in your mouth.

If you have diabetes, it is especially important to brush and floss properly. You should also not neglect your dental checkups. 

Call our office in North Royalton, OH now at 440-237-1700, or schedule a visit with Dr. Florian online, and keep the state of your mouth healthy.