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Millions of people across the US suffer from bad breath. For these people, it is a constant worry of being embarrassed if they get too close to someone during conversation or everyday activity. However, if you are someone who suffers from bad breath, don't worry—you aren't alone. By identifying what causes bad breath, you can help to eliminate it.
What causes bad breath?
More likely than not, if you suffer from bad breath, it is a result of neglecting your oral hygiene. If you aren't brushing and flossing as recommended, chances are that you will develop bad breath. Bad breath comes as a result of leftover food particles in your mouth along with germs and bacteria. 
Even if you are brushing and flossing as recommended, you still need to maintain routine dental check-ups. Receiving check-ups and cleanings will give the dental office an opportunity to remove plaque and tartar that are unable to be removed by brushing and flossing. 
If you do not take proper care of your teeth and receive dental check-ups, you may develop gum disease. Unfortunately, one major side effect of gum disease is bad breath, also known as halitosis. 

Halitosis North Royalton
Finally, Dr. Florian recommends brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth and gums. Brushing your tongue will break up colonies of bacteria that are a major source of bad breath. Utilizing a tongue scraper might be your best option for cleaning your tongue.

To learn more about halitosis, be sure to visit our page for a full look at causes and treatment.
Do you suffer from bad breath?
Dr. Florian in North Royalton is always welcoming new patients and would love to see you. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Florian, click here. Dr. Florian and his team will give you a professional cleaning and can identify any causes of bad breath. 

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Question: What is the hardest part of the human body?
Answer: Your tooth enamel.
Yes, that's right, your tooth enamel is harder than your skull or your femur. 
While there is no doubt that tooth enamel is strong, it is also quite delicate. For this reason, along with many others, caring for your teeth is extremely important. There are some habits and foods that can cause your tooth enamel to break down or erode.
For starters, everyone loves to chew on ice (at least it seems that way). However, chewing on ice can cause a ton of damage to your tooth enamel. Similarly, chewing into a popcorn kernel can cause your tooth enamel to wear down. In addition, chewing on your nails and having mouth jewelry are typical causes of weakened enamel as well.

Some other things which might weaken tooth enamel include fruits that contain citric acid, chewing on pens or pencils, inadequate oral health care, and much more!
While all of the above can cause your tooth enamel to wear down, one of the most common reasons for damaged tooth enamel is bruxism. Bruxism is the act of constantly grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw. When your teeth are worn down because of bruxism, this is termed attrition. If your attrition is extreme enough, your root dentin will come to be exposed, inducing high sensitivity and some yellowing. In addition to weakening your teeth, grinding and clenching might damage the ligaments around your jaw and alveolar bone.
If left neglected, bruxism may even cause periodontal disease to form. This would be in addition to tooth staining, sensitivity, and an increase in tooth decay.

Need an Appointment?

If you are suffering from bruxism, contact Dr. Florian and his staff at Royalton Dental Associates in North Royalton, OH. A bite guard can help alleviate your condition. This is done by giving your teeth and jaw an area to rest.

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” How many times have you heard this statement in your life? We are guessing a lot. However, is breakfast actually the most important meal of day? And can it help to improve our oral health?

Dr. Florian wants all of his patients to be as healthy as possible; this includes both oral and overall health and wellness. Below, Dr. Florian examines the benefits of eating a good breakfast, and if it has any effect on our oral health. 


Breakfast boosts metabolism


Unfortunately, many people skip breakfast as a way to eliminate calories in an effort to lose weight. However, if you do not eat three square meals per day, your metabolism will slow down, and you will lose some of your ability to lose weight. It is much better for weight loss purposes to eat a healthy breakfast instead of skipping out completely. See other ways to boost your metabolism here


Eating breakfast will energize you


If you ever feel low on energy throughout the day, it may be as a result of skipping breakfast. This could also be a sign of sleep apnea! However, if you start eating breakfast, this should keep your mind sharp and give you energy, as you’ll have carbohydrates to burn. In addition to this, eating breakfast will keep you from overeating at lunch and experiencing a mid-afternoon crash. 


Breakfast foods are quite healthy for you

Oral Health

Many breakfast foods will fill you with vitamins and nutrients to keep your healthy. Breakfast foods can also help to lower your cholesterol and provide you with amino acids. 


Eating breakfast will not have any negative impact on your oral health. However, if you eat citric fruits for breakfast, you should brush your teeth approximately 30 minutes after consumption. If you brush your teeth too soon after eating acidic foods, you can actually damage your teeth.


What is the best breakfast food for your oral health?


The best breakfast food that you can eat for your oral health is yogurt. Yogurt, like other dairy products, provides you with calcium, casein, and phosphates, which help remineralize your teeth and keep them strong. 


Are you concerned about your oral health?


If you are concerned about your oral health, are serious about improving it, and live in the North Royalton, OH area, we welcome you to schedule a visit with Royalton Dental Associates today!

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Chewing gum can’t possibly be good for your oral health, can it? After all, don’t we always here about how detrimental chewing gum is for your oral health? However, thanks to an ingredient called xylitol (or sorbitol), chewing gum may actually have great benefits for your oral health. 


Determining if chewing gum is healthy or not for you is highly dependent on what kind of gum you are chewing. If you are chewing gum that is full of sugars, you are doing a disservice to your oral health by introducing these sugars to your mouth for prolonged periods of time. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are chewing sugar-free gum that contains an ingredient by the name of xylitol, you are helping your mouth fight diseases like gum disease and cavities. In many studies, xylitol has been found to be more effective than fluoride at protecting your teeth against decay. You can read more about xylitol, here.  

Chewing Gum


In addition to introducing xylitol to your mouth, sugar-free chewing gum can also stimulate your salivary glands, helping you to avoid dry mouth. Dry mouth is a contributor to cavities, as it results in inadequate saliva to counterbalance the acids and sugars from the foods and beverages you consume.


Chewing sugar-free chewing gum can help prevent the following oral health issues:

It is critical to make sure you are chewing gum that is sugar-free, and you should always look for xylitol in your chewing gum! 


Are you in need of oral health care?


Dr. Florian in North Royalton, OH always welcomes people into his office who are serious about maintaining great oral health. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Florian, click here.

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Previously, Dr. Florian introduced teeth whitening and discussed the most common causes of tooth discoloration. In addition to this, we also discussed why the cause of your discoloration will determine which type of treatment plan will work best for you.


Below, Dr. Florian examines the many types of teeth whitening procedures/products:


At-home teeth whitening: 


At-home systems will vary from dental office to dental office. Take home systems can either be custom-made trays or generic trays. These trays will typically be filled with a liquid or gel and worn over night or twice per day for a half hour at a time. These systems can typically whiten your teeth by 3-8 shades and will take a couple of weeks to show results.


In-office teeth whitening: 


An in-office procedure is the quickest way to whiten your teeth. While this system does require a visit to the office, and more chair time, it is your best bet to quickly whiten your teeth before an important event! Typically, a product will be applied to your teeth for 30 minutes to an hour. Your dentist may also use a specialized light to enhance the product that is applied to your teeth.


Whitening toothpaste: 


While these types of products cannot harm you, they may not produce the results that you desire. Unfortunately, these products lack a bleaching agent to whiten your teeth by more than just one shade. The abrasives in these products can remove surface stains, but not stains that are within your teeth. 



Over-the-counter systems: 


These products are available on the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores, just like toothpaste. Unlike toothpaste, these products do contain a bleaching agent. However, the bleaching agent in these products will not be as strong, or tailored to your case, like an at-home whitening system from your dentist. If you use an over-the-counter product, you are paying a similar price to systems available through your dentist, and you are losing out on your dentist’s expertise. 




As we stated in our previous blog article, products that contain bleach cannot correct all kinds of issues. For certain issues, like discoloration caused by trauma or medication, you may require veneers to have a whiter smile. A veneer is a thin ceramic shell that fits over the surface of your tooth to change the shape, size, and/or color of your teeth. You can choose which shade you want your veneers to be.  


Before choosing any type of whitening product or system, make sure you consult with your dentist first. It is critical to know what is causing your discoloration, and how it needs to be approached before starting treatment. 


Do you need a dentist in North Royalton?


If you are in the North Royalton, OH area, and are in need of a dentist, our team welcomes you to contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Florian and his team are always looking for new patients who are serious about the health, function, and appearance of their smile!

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